Blockchain & Hospital Supply Chain

Nowadays in Bangladesh, healthcare is one of the booming sectors; in particular, Private Hospitals are best examples for that. The growth of private hospitals is increasing day by day. The best part of this sector is, it has extends healthcare facilities & services towards ailing humanity.

Right now, we have 607 Government hospital and more than 5000 private hospital and clinics as well as 10,675 private registered diagnostic centres 10,675 under DGHS in Bangladesh.

There are more than 500 regular suppliers to support these hospitals and diagnostic. On the other side, Allopathic Registered Manufacture 206, Retail Pharmacy 106,224 and wholesale pharmacy 970.

Therefore, we can say that, growing businesses demand on hospital/healthcare the need to bring innovative changes in all the facts of their businesses as time and technology development.

If we talk about quality healthcare services financed up with the latest technology is the need for today. Moreover, the hospital/healthcare technology is unstable towards a more patient-centric approach that focuses on two major essentials namely, affordable treatment and apt healthcare facilities at all times.

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